My story may sound familiar…

I was a teacher and mom first before I started my own online business. My daughter, Allie, has special needs, and when I realized she was going to have a different journey, I knew I needed to make some life adjustments. As much as I loved teaching, I needed more flexibility and balance.

In 2019, while I was on maternity leave with my son, I found a course that helped me take the plunge to shift into a new business. My goal was to see if I could replace my income so I could homeschool my daughter. I went back to teaching, and before I knew it, my income doubled! 

I was still teaching, but I knew I could serve even better if I took my business full-time! I resigned the following summer and quickly recognized that homeschooling wasn’t for my daughter – She needed the structure, routines, and socialization that schools offer. But my business was thriving.

I love connecting with dynamic business leaders and supporting their content marketing and strategy needs, so they can make the shifts in their lives so they have more balance, more clarity, and more time to focus on their next steps.

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Hey, I'm Kim!

Hey, I'm Kim!